Helpful Things To Do When Starting Your Own
Family Entertainment Center
entertainment center
Every business needs a Business Plan -- a Business Plan based upon your business needs. Your Business
Plan should list a program such as:
  • What product line will be operating.

  • Customer market, supply and demand for your service.

  • How to obtain your market and the product you market.

  • Other businesses competing with you and what your competitive edge will be

  • Last, but not least, the amount of expenses you will accumulate compared to the profit you plan to gain in a given
Make sure your necessary financing is available when you are ready to begin the project.
JIM'S JUNGLE PLAY & DESIGN will recommend financing if needed.
The location of your business is very important. Make sure the location is easily accessible to the market you are
A very important element in designing a play system is adequate ceiling heights at entry points and exits of the play
system. Fire and city codes need to be checked for restrictions. A well-designed play system needs to have easy
accessibility for the children as well as for the parents to observe while the children play.
JIM'S JUNGLE PLAY & DESIGN recommends you employ an architect in your area to develop a site plan or
design. If needed, we will work with you and the architect to accomplish your goals.
After following the steps above, JIM'S JUNGLE PLAY & DESIGN will work with you to design the play system
best suited for your budget and location.
Participatory playground equipment for children's indoor and outdoor amusement areas.
it's a jungle out there...and the children love it!
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Make a study of the area where
your Family Entertainment Center
will open and make sure the area
will support it. The local Chamber
of Commerce can help you with
information in your chosen area.
You may consider professional help
in this study.
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